Landmark study to measure molecular changes of exercise reaches key milestone

By Bill Levesque • Jun 30, 2020 • Lead Story

It’s so obvious that exercise is a healthy habit that it almost goes without saying. Scientists have known for years that physical activity lowers the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, among other benefits. What...

UF Health awarded $1 million grant to provide pediatric telehealth services to underserved patients

By Doug Bennett • Jun 24, 2020 • Lead Story

The University of Florida College of Medicine’s department of pediatrics has been awarded a nearly $1 million federal grant to expand telemedicine services and equipment among underserved and vulnerable populations. The $967,957...

A older couple looks at a tablet while sitting in their home.

UF study: 2 million Americans buy prescription drugs outside the country

By Jill Pease • Jun 24, 2020 • Featured Articles, Lead Story

Buying prescription drugs from other countries is one way some Americans have coped with rising drug prices. A new University of Florida study, published today in JAMA Network Open, finds that 1.5% percent of adults, or more than...

Managing return-to-work anxiety during COVID-19 crisis

By Ken Garcia • Jun 23, 2020 • Video, Lead Story

The COVID-19 crisis has abruptly changed our day-to-day routines. As some of our everyday activities resume, such as returning to work, many of us may face increased levels of anxiety. During the short video below, UF Health...

Florida’s Alzheimer’s research consortium awarded $15 million grant to focus on diverse populations

By Michelle Jaffee • Jun 18, 2020 • Lead Story

The 1Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, or 1Florida ADRC, a University of Florida-organized consortium of leading research institutions aimed at making Alzheimer’s and related dementias treatable, preventable and one...

Hope & Healing Blog

by • Jun 25, 2020
The University of Florida Health Youth Gender Program provides social, medical and mental health support to gender-expansive youth and young adults...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

Combating COVID-19

June 2020

UF Health recalibrates everything to take on a global pandemic

Health In A Heartbeat

Too much coffee associated with obesity, other conditions

Jul 8, 2020

The only thing humans drink more than coffee is water. We consume the equivalent of three billion cups of coffee daily, a veritable ocean of hot brew. A cup starts the day of innumerable people from Kalamazoo to Timbuktu. So, it makes sense to ask the question: What’s all that coffee doing to our...

Animal Airwaves

Poisons Lurking in the Garden for Pets and Livestock – Original air: Nov. 22, 2019

Jul 7, 2020

Plants contain a number of chemicals, many of which are used for medication and as therapeutic agents for animals and humans. However, ingestion of the wrong chemical, or of certain chemicals in high doses, can have dangerous consequences. Not all plants are dangerous, but in Florida, and...