World-renowned UF Health biochemistry researcher Mavis Agbandje-McKenna, Ph.D., dies

By Doug Bennett • Mar 3, 2021 • Lead Story

University of Florida Health biochemistry professor Mavis Agbandje-McKenna, Ph.D., whose world-renowned work on the detailed structure of viruses led to advances in gene therapy treatments for different diseases, died Wednesday (...

UF researchers discover marine natural product off Florida’s coast that could help fight cancer

By Matthew Splett • Feb 23, 2021 • Lead Story

From cyanobacteria blooms found off the Florida coast near Fort Lauderdale, University of Florida researchers have discovered a novel marine natural product that binds to a new site of tubulin, an important target for cancer...

UF Health virtual human intervention allows for colorectal cancer screening from home

By Kacey Finch • Feb 15, 2021 • Lead Story

A new University of Florida Health intervention gives patients who qualify access to colorectal cancer screening information and tests from the comfort of their own homes. Two recent UF studies in Psycho-Oncology and the Journal...

UF Health researcher answers questions about the latest COVID-19 vaccine

By Bill Levesque • Feb 10, 2021 • Lead Story

And soon, there will be three. Johnson & Johnson recently submitted its COVID-19 vaccine to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization. That step could eventually make it the third vaccine to be...

University of Florida top among six university campuses for indoor mask use, CDC study finds

By Jill Pease • Feb 8, 2021 • Faculty Profiles, Lead Story

The University of Florida led the way in indoor mask compliance among six universities participating in a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study of mask use on campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic. At UF, 98% of...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Talal Elmasry • Mar 2, 2021
Jill Holker spent her days on the front line as an ICU nurse in Utah, caring for some of the sickest people in the state. Prior to contracting COVID-...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

Healing hands in conflict zones

February 2021

UF Health physicians put themselves at risk to provide critical medical relief around the globe.

Health In A Heartbeat

Survey finds surprising attitudes among physicians toward patients with disabilities

Mar 5, 2021

For the more than 61 million Americans with disabilities, everyday life can be full of challenges, especially when it comes to obtaining needed health care. New research shows a surprising factor behind this disparity in access to care: physicians’ attitudes. A survey by Harvard Medical School...

Animal Airwaves

Endocrine Tumors of Dogs and Cats

Mar 5, 2021

Endocrine tumors are relatively rare in dogs and cats compared to other forms of cancer. Due to the role of the endocrine system, however, their potential impact on health is often very significant. Most pets present with one type of endocrine tumor, the most common being tumors of the thyroid. On...