Professor of large animal medicine named associate dean for academic and student affairs

By Sarah Carey • Jun 24, 2021 • Lead Story

Amanda M. House, D.V.M., a clinical professor of equine extension and large animal medicine at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, has been named associate dean for academic and student affairs at the...

Experts outline global operational and research path to address emerging COVID-19 viral variants

By Jill Pease • Jun 24, 2021 • Lead Story

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue to be administered around the world, a coordinated global response to viral variants that may threaten the protection provided by vaccines is critical, writes a group of World Health Organization...

Mental confusion, disorientation may be early warning sign of severe COVID-19

By Jill Pease • Jun 21, 2021 • Lead Story

A new University of Florida study finds that patients with COVID-19 who displayed symptoms of disorientation and confusion were three times more likely to go on to develop severe COVID-19 than patients with the virus who did not...

UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital is No. 1 in Florida, nationally ranked in eight medical specialties

By Doug Bennett • Jun 15, 2021 • Video, Lead Story

The University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital is the No. 1 children’s hospital in Florida and stands among the nation’s elite pediatric hospitals in eight medical specialties including a first-ever top 10 ranking in...

UF Health researchers join global effort to track COVID-19 pandemic and others in future

By Bill Levesque • Jun 14, 2021 • Lead Story

University of Florida Health researchers are joining an ambitious global effort led by The Rockefeller Foundation to better track the coronavirus and its variants and set up a network of collaborators to stop any nascent pandemic...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Talal Elmasry • Apr 29, 2021
March 2020 marked the beginning of Florida’s battle against COVID-19, and with it came a flood of fundamental changes to our everyday lives. “The new...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

The POST-Spring

Spring 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across the globe, everything changed. One year later, we’re all adjusting to the new normal. Workers from across UF Health share the lessons they’ve learned during this trying time. See their stories and other important news from UF Health in this edition of The POST.

Health In A Heartbeat

Snoring can signal health concerns for kids

Jun 25, 2021

Snoring can signal serious medical problems such as sleep apnea, in which a person’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts. It’s typically associated with adults, but a new study finds kids who snore a lot are also at risk of behavioral and health issues. Using data from more than 11,000 9- and 10-...

Animal Airwaves

The healing art of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Jun 24, 2021

Among the high-tech means of treating wounds in people and animals alike is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Here’s how it works. The patient is comfortably situated in a large chamber containing 100% oxygen at 1.5 to 3 times normal atmospheric pressure. The resulting increased oxygen delivered to the...